Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Retirement of Passport (Windows Live ID) sign in for Microsoft Money 2002 - 2004

Passport (Windows Live ID) sign in is to be retired for Microsoft Money 2002 - 2004 on July 31, 2008

This will have the effect that older versions of Money (2002-4) will no longer support adding or usage of Passport credentials on Money data files.

For more information see FAQ Article 557.


Rup said...

Ever since this announcement Money 2005 has been going for silly amounts on eBay. Is there any chance of convincing Microsoft to put Money 2005 - even without support - up on its UK download store?

I'm most interested in continuing stock price updates and I'm happy to pay to keep that going. That said the manual price update still seems to work in Money 2004. Thanks.

Glyn Simpson said...

I don't think Microsoft (UK) are going to do anything to promote/sell the product any more - if they continue to sell it, they would need to cover their legal obligations in warranty support though, and I doubt they want to do that.

Personally I'd like an upgrade path to the US version, then at least UK users could continue to have a more modern program (although there is no news of a Money 2009 there as yet).

The stock prices should last until December 2009, so you have some time yet. I don't think they'll deliberately terminate these for 2004 users, but sometimes changes to the servers that provide this data has side effects.

Whenever I've been in any retail outlets recently, I've looked to see if there are any copies on the shelf - no luck so far (hey, maybe I could then put them on eBay myself ;-)).

I don't think that we're going to have any joy in the short term on another UK version. Real shame in my opinion, but this may open doors for other software companies to fill a gap. I believe Personal Accountz is one which is starting to see some positive benefits