Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Microsoft Money on Windows 7

I recently put Windows 7 in a virtual machine, and installed Money 2005 on it. I am pleased to say that it all seemed to work successfully. However, it was just Money 2005 (plus the patch) on a 32 bit version of Windows, and I've not tried any other versions.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has tested other versions of Money, and whether they have had success or failure with them.

As far as I see, Windows 7 operates in the same way as Vista does with Microsoft Money. If this is the case, then all versions of Money should be okay.


PS. Thanks for all the well wishers regarding my job situation. I'm pleased to say that I start a new one on Monday 2nd February :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 temporarily out of action

Just a heads-up that has been experiencing difficulties today, and isn't quite working properly at present.

Seems to just hang and then throw an error. However, people are on the case and hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

When it comes back, I hope it'll be faster, as I've taken the time to put on a few code updates. If it keeps erroring beyond 10pm GMT (2pm PST) then it'll probably be the morning by the time I fix it.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Money 2010 Tracking

A couple of days ago, I created FAQ Article 604, which is to track the status of Money 2010. The timelines/tracking pages are popular on my website, so it seemed useful to create one for this potential product.

As Money 2009 was never released, we're moving to the next iteration of the software. The naming may not be Money 2010, given that Money 2008 was actually Money Plus. They may, if a release happens, decide to go back to year number, maybe not. I've no idea on how Microsoft decide to name ay product so Money Plus+, Money 18 etc. could all be valid.

One thing that will happen this year is that the 2 year online services feature of some of the Money Plus early adopters will expire, and without either a new product to move to, or an extension to this feature, people using this version of Money will start to lose functionality. The expiration will start around the start of August for those who downloaded a copy, and towards the end of August for those who bought a product from a retail store when it first came out (Note: if you bought Money Plus later than this, your expiry will be later - 2 years after the first activation).

Whether 2010 comes out is, at this stage, a mystery - this posting is not an indication of that. However the expiration of Money Plus is not a mystery - I keenly wait for the news to come out, in its usual manner.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all my readers.

I've been a bit quiet over the last few months - I no longer have a job and am now seeking out new opportunities. I've seen it coming, but I've tried to focus on that a bit more than Microsoft Money. I'll continue looking until I find something, but as I now am stuck at home, I'll have some more time to devote to the site (I can't search for jobs all day!)

Over the next few weeks, whilst away from work (I hope to be employed again soon), I've got some plans to work on updates to the US product pages on my website - these are occasionally timing out due to problems connecting to Amazon Web Services. I've also had a couple of questions which I'm planning on turning into short articles (I put one on today - When to use subcategories).

I hope 2009 brings great things to you all - health, happiness and your wishes.