Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day with the Microsoft Money team

Well, today three Money MVPs, including myself had a day with the Microsoft Money product group, which was rewarding, we think, for all parties.

The day consisted of meeting the team, including the testers, developers, product managers and other people who are involved in creating the product. We talked about the product, design, support, development and test. In addition there was some brainstorming for the future and opinion sought from us.

It was really quite refreshing to know that information and ideas we provided today, were discussed and considered for any potential future products. I'd be interested in seeing if anything makes it into Money 2008 or Money 2009 (or later).

Most of the content we discussed was NDA, so I can't share it, but I felt that the team were very open and was a 2 way process.

A couple of questions that people told me in advance were discussed, and some statistics from my website ( were shared. Obviously MSN Money and the Money KB far outstrip anything I can provide, but the little niche that I help with my site, at least got an airing. The information I gave could help the product in future, but even if not, it gives the team some feedback on what some other people see.

Thanks to them, and those who contacted me before I met the team.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ultrasoft Money for the Pocket PC??

A couple of times recently, I have noticed on the Microsoft Public Newsgroup for US users that Ultrasoft might be working on a client for the Pocket PC, similar to the Palm offering they have (FAQ Article 84 on my main website).

If this is true, then this is good news. Microsoft haven't released a Money for the Pocket PC version for 2007 users, nor have they for Windows Mobile 5 users, although there are some others (SPB Finance springs to mind). This may mean that these users have a choice available.

Of course, Ultrasoft Money for the Palm is not free software, and there is no indication that this will be either, but saying that, if it looks good it will mean I upgrade to Money 2007 and start using this software too.

More information as I find it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Microsoft MVP Summit just days away… « Community Group Therapy

Microsoft MVP Summit just days away… « Community Group Therapy

The 'leader' of the MVP program blogged the article referenced above. I'm now in Seattle awaiting the start if the event tomorrow. Hopefully in the next few days I'll get to see and learn about Microsoft Money development and plans.

In addition, I'm hoping that I'll be able to help my day job, which is involved with ASP.NET development (the website is built that way. Looking forward, I want to see the WPF/E stuff.

Friday, March 02, 2007

MVP Summit

In about 10 days time, I'll be crossing the Atlantic and be at the home of Microsoft at Redmond, Washington, USA for the MVP summit.

The MVP summit occurs every 18 months or thereabouts, and enables MVPs for many technologies to meet the Microsoft product teams. It gives an opportunity for us to discuss Microsoft products with the people who actually design their products.

This means that I'll get the chance (along with some of the other Money MVPs) to ask questions and give feedback to the product group.

So, I'll ask you whether there are any questions you'd like me to put to the product group on your behalf - I'd ask you to avoid product support questions (these are better directed to the newsgroups), but aim more at what you'd like to see in future products, areas for improvement, what you like/don't like. Please post to this blog or email me directly.

I'll print out the questions before I get to meet the product team, and try to respond to you directly (or on this blog).