Friday, March 02, 2007

MVP Summit

In about 10 days time, I'll be crossing the Atlantic and be at the home of Microsoft at Redmond, Washington, USA for the MVP summit.

The MVP summit occurs every 18 months or thereabouts, and enables MVPs for many technologies to meet the Microsoft product teams. It gives an opportunity for us to discuss Microsoft products with the people who actually design their products.

This means that I'll get the chance (along with some of the other Money MVPs) to ask questions and give feedback to the product group.

So, I'll ask you whether there are any questions you'd like me to put to the product group on your behalf - I'd ask you to avoid product support questions (these are better directed to the newsgroups), but aim more at what you'd like to see in future products, areas for improvement, what you like/don't like. Please post to this blog or email me directly.

I'll print out the questions before I get to meet the product team, and try to respond to you directly (or on this blog).

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