Sunday, March 20, 2011

Money 2005 update still available - but for how much longer?

I've brought up my test system this morning, removed the existing copy of Microsoft Money UK 2005 on it to test whether the update is still being served from Microsoft's servers.

I can report that it is - almost 2 months after the expected take-down of the update. During the update, it can report the expiration of features, these being the online functions, however it's still possible to get the '1105' patch.

Although it is still available, I wonder whether it will be gone tomorrow, next week, next month or if it will still be around in a year's time. It's possible that there hasn't been the need to take it away yet. However it could go at any time, and once it does, that's it, unless you've made your backup (see this article on how to make a patched CD).

My previous posting was intended to ensure those using any 2005 version made their backup. This still applies and is just as urgent as before.

Do it now!