Sunday, March 20, 2011

Money 2005 update still available - but for how much longer?

I've brought up my test system this morning, removed the existing copy of Microsoft Money UK 2005 on it to test whether the update is still being served from Microsoft's servers.

I can report that it is - almost 2 months after the expected take-down of the update. During the update, it can report the expiration of features, these being the online functions, however it's still possible to get the '1105' patch.

Although it is still available, I wonder whether it will be gone tomorrow, next week, next month or if it will still be around in a year's time. It's possible that there hasn't been the need to take it away yet. However it could go at any time, and once it does, that's it, unless you've made your backup (see this article on how to make a patched CD).

My previous posting was intended to ensure those using any 2005 version made their backup. This still applies and is just as urgent as before.

Do it now!


John said...


I just wanted to pass on an enormous Thank You to however posted the info about creating a patched (1105 ) Money 2005 install disc.

I am about to update to Windows 7 and did a trail install of Money 2005 along with about 20 years of data.

Although it installed it wouldn’t see my data file…panic set in.

I followed the instructions about making a patched CD and bingo it works a treat.

You have saved me countless hours of work…brilliant.

Thank you again.

Pete said...

Thank you so much for this post. Windows 7 died on me the other day, my only option was a re-install. Sure enough, when I tried MS Money, the update no longer comes (as of today at least). Thankfully, I had the luck to have made a copy of the patched version of Money a couple of years back, using that and your brilliant instructions, I was able to get back into my Money file and several years of data. Hurrah for Glyn, thumbs down to Microsoft!!

TheNovice said...

I had to reformat my harddisk and now after re-installing money (2005 UK) I can not access my data file.
I do not have a patched copy.

Is there a manual upgrade or a patching software I can use?

Glyn Simpson said...


contact me via the link at the bottom of this Money page, and I'll see how I can help.

Kind regards


Glyn Simpson said...

Firstly, take a look for your Money files (those with extensions MNY and MBF). Make sure you keep them safe and only work with copies.

If you use the MBF file (the backup), you must use the File->Restore option to recover it.

However, it is better to take a copy of the MNY file itself and just double click it. Its possible Money can't find it where it used to be. By double clicking the file, Money will open that particular file.

It's highly unusual for Money to just delete accounts.

George said...

I am upgrading to Window 7 finally. I was running Money Standard 2005 CD in Windows Vista. Now I am trying to move my 13 years of money file to Window 7. After installing from the 'Money Standard 2005 CD', I was not able to open my file. I followed your steps but didn't find the MnyCoreFiles folder in my Vista machine. Do you have any insight or can you please help?

Glyn Simpson said...

Hi George

depending on which regional version of Money you have, you should be able to do this without hacks now, as Microsoft released the update as a separate download.

If you browse across to this page, you can find some more information

Kind regards