Friday, June 10, 2011

Money patch is no longer available

The '1105' patch for Microsoft Money no longer appears to be available. If you've not yet done your reinstallation CD (as described in this article) and have the patched version on your PC, then you're now risking the loss of your data, so once again, I advise to make the CD and test it (on another machine!).

If you don't want to go through the above, you have another option - export your files to QIF and then import them into the sunset edition. However, you'll also have to do this before you have to reinstall (if forced because of a new machine, crash etc). If you've got a simple file (e.g. one currency or not many accounts, this is a reasonable option). There is additional work here, but as the sunset edition is a downloadable free program, you can always reinstall if needed.



Anonymous said...

I am SO VERY grateful for the article you provided on how to create a self contained installation of Money 2005 with the 1105 patch - I was starting to get somewhat concerned that I couldn't get it to update then Google came to the rescue bringing me to your page. Thank you very much indeed for so generously sharing this information.

Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the article you provided on creating a a self contained installation of Money 2005 with the 1105 patch - I was starting to get very frustrated when the patch wouldn't automatically download, then Google came to the rescue and took me to your article. Thank you SO much for saving me countless wasted hours. I now have an install process that includes the patch - you are my hero tonight!

Mike Long said...

I put together a Money 2005 v1105 CD well over a year ago and to this day has been fine. However, I had need to format and re-install TODAY and I'm sorry to say that it no longer works! If you let it set up a sample file, it tries to convert it... if it loads my data file it tries to convert that! Afterwards, there is a Money 2004 file in My Documents! When checking the version of money, it is v14.0.120.730

I am lost... I just uninstalled, and re-installed without the internet connected and still the same problem.


Glyn Simpson said...

Hi Mike

it appears that the CD couldn't have been created correctly. This is the reason to test the CD after creation.

Drop me an email via the link on and I'll see what I can do to help.


Tim G said...

I have installed my copy of Money 2005 (UK version) from a CD on a new PC but, surprise, surprise, it won't open my actual data file (from my old PC, now defunct) because the re-installation does not include the vital "1105" patch which unfortunately I lost when I scrubbed the data from the old PC. The download option for 1105 is of course no longer available. I'm stuck! Can anyone supply "somehow" a version of this patch else a CD ROM for Money 2005 with the 1105 patch included? I'm using Vista

Glyn Simpson said...

Hi Tim G

as others have posted this, I've suggested they contact me via the contact link at the base of and i'll see if I can assist you.


Chris said...

Just a quick note to say that i have just followed the excellent article today and successfully created, the folder and created a separate disc. hard to test without trying to install again on a pc which is now reading the backup files it used not to!! However the process definitely works and is easy to do. The only thing i would add, a bit of a noddy step, but dont forget to copy the "loose" files in the parent original Money folder as they include the setup folders which of course you need when you install from your newly created money2005update folder.
ps didnt have to touch the sample docs, just let it set up a new document and then restored my original backup!
A great article and well received - many thanks - certainly bailed me out!

Anonymous said...

After searching high and low I found the patch for money 2005 - drove me mad but now I can access my accounts. Money 2005 UK - QFE2 (the fixed self-contained UK Money 2005 file) can be downloaded from the link at [static link]

Glyn Simpson said...

Thanks for the link. I had previously put the patch on the website in the downloads section as Microsoft had removed it. If anyone has trouble finding it, please get it from that site.

Alan Tomkins said...

Hi Glyn, You're a star. I have 2005 1105 and needed to re install on a new drive. I couldn't work out why it would not open the file. Your downlaod cured the issue immediately.

Many many thansk,