Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 (Professional and Express)

In recent weeks, Microsoft launched Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 in the UK (United Kingdom).

The publicity says the following:

Microsoft® Office Accounting Professional is an easy to use, comprehensive accounting package that works with other Office applications you already know.
  • Easy to learn and use

    • Works just like Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Get started in minutes with wizards that import your data

  • Save time managing everyday tasks

    • Share and reuse data across Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Manage customers, suppliers, employees and stock
    • Pay bills, track expenses, send invoices and bank online
  • Get a complete view of your business

    • Run customisable reports so you always know how you’re doing
    • See all your important data in one glance with the Digital Dashboard
    • Get reminders of important deadlines, pending bills and overdue invoices

One thing of interest for Microsoft Money users in the UK is that is does NOT support import of a Money file.

The URL for the software is The express version is free, the professional version costs around £150.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New articles to in recent weeks

Haven't done one of these updates in a while, so below is a list of new articles to the site in recent weeks (well, months).

I have a few articles which are on my list to write, but any suggestions for new ones are always welcome. Don't forget I am based in the UK, so things such as IRAs, the US tax system etc may prove difficult for me to write. However, submitted articles (so long as they fit in the general ethos of the site) are welcome.

The date below is the date I created the article. It may have gone through a revision since the original creation date.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Money Plus - Japan

Microsoft Money Plus Edition
(マイクロソフト マネー プラス エディション)
複数口座の一元管理、日々の収支管理、資産管理、ライフ プラン作成まで対応した、総合的な個人マネー管理ソフトです。
既存ユーザー向け 4,000 円キャッシュ バック クーポン同梱。

Microsoft Money に搭載されている「為替・株価の更新」や「明細自動ダウンロード」などのオンライン サービスは、Microsoft Money 各バージョンのサポート ライフサイクルもしくはあらかじめ定められた期間の範囲でご利用いただけます。オンライン サービスを継続してご利用いただくには、同様のオンライン サービスを提供する最新の Microsoft Money にアップグレードしていただく必要があります。この機会に、バージョン アップグレードをご検討ください。なお、オンライン サービスの期限後でも、Microsoft Money を使って、お客様の資産情報の表示や編集、資産や口座の情報や投資情報の手動での更新は可能です。

See for more details