Sunday, December 30, 2007

Network status - 27 December 2007

Sorry this is late posting, been away for a few days and missed the problem report.

This issue is affecting a lot of people, so take note below. Further information or updated information can be found on the MSN Money Site Status Page

Problems signing into older versions of Money
When: December 27, 2007

Effect: We are currently investigating a problem where you may have problems signing into Money 2002-2004 (or Money 2002-2004 files that were recently converted to a newer version of Money).

Until there is a fix available, you can try the following:

  • If you have not changed your password, sign into Money in "offline" mode.
  • If you changed your password, sign in "offline" mode using your previous (original) password.
  1. Once you have successfully signed into your Money file, remove the Windows Live ID from the file, convert the file to a newer version of Money and then re-add the Windows Live ID.
  2. If you have already converted your file to newer version, sign into Money in "offline" mode. Change the Windows Live ID (Passport) to the exact same Windows Live ID (using your current password).
  3. Sign into Money in "offline" mode and use Money in offline mode until there is a fix available.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

MSN Money Site Update - 12 December

MSN Money December Site update

When: December 12, 2007 (changes will be seen this evening or the following morning)


  • During the update time access to My Accounts and the Portfolio Manager will not be available.
  • You will not be able to update for accounts “using Yodlee” during this update window
    Microsoft Money customers may have problems signing into their Money data file “online”

Duration: Approximately 6 hours from 1pm to 7pm

The primary changes to the site include:
  • Adding quote entry boxes to more locations on the site, so that you can look up quotes from more places.
  • Creating a new Personal Finance section which will incorporate the old Banking and Planning areas
  • Updated Tax information for the 2007 tax season
  • New ETF Home page in the Investing area
Reference the What's new page for additional information after the site has updated.

Note: This update may now happen on December 13

Update 13 December: The update has been rescheduled to Monday December 17.