Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Continuing with Windows Vista - Pocket PC support with Vista

Update: 5th December

A couple of weeks using Windows Vista, and the only thing annoying me is the mobile device support. About a week ago I did a clean install of vista. It's taken a couple of attempts to get the Money for the Pocket PC software running properly.

I had existing databases on the PocketPC device which weren't removed, and so I did a couple of reinstalls to try and ensure the software was on properly. I then managed to clean the database on the mobile device and get it working.

Of course, now it's working, I just can't work out when the device is synchronizing or not. Most of the time I have to hope that the data is being synchronized properly. The interface doesn't strike me as that intuitive - too much emphasis on the design and collapsible options, not enough on user functionality.

I'd like to see it made obvious when it is synchronizing, what is failing etc. I know the mobile device window shows it, but it just doesn't cut it with me. Hopefully by the time the Mobile Device Center software comes out of beta (this is beta 3), it'll be better and I'll be able to see just what Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC is doing.