Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 (Professional and Express)

In recent weeks, Microsoft launched Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 in the UK (United Kingdom).

The publicity says the following:

Microsoft® Office Accounting Professional is an easy to use, comprehensive accounting package that works with other Office applications you already know.
  • Easy to learn and use

    • Works just like Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Get started in minutes with wizards that import your data

  • Save time managing everyday tasks

    • Share and reuse data across Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Manage customers, suppliers, employees and stock
    • Pay bills, track expenses, send invoices and bank online
  • Get a complete view of your business

    • Run customisable reports so you always know how you’re doing
    • See all your important data in one glance with the Digital Dashboard
    • Get reminders of important deadlines, pending bills and overdue invoices

One thing of interest for Microsoft Money users in the UK is that is does NOT support import of a Money file.

The URL for the software is The express version is free, the professional version costs around £150.


Anonymous said...

I have been searching Accounting Support trying to figure out why professional does not provide the Money import feature as advised in MS Description for the product.
Thanks for highlighting on your home page that this is not a feature provided for the UK.
There is no indication from MS why the UK is not supported but hey..they have lost a sale because of this.

Anonymous said...

Is Office Accounting 2008 a suitable replacement for the current UK version of Money (if just getting started with home accounts)?


Glyn Simpson said...

Office Accounting is aimed at the small business market and not at home users, so I won't recommend it for that purpose.