Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ultrasoft Money for the Pocket PC??

A couple of times recently, I have noticed on the Microsoft Public Newsgroup for US users that Ultrasoft might be working on a client for the Pocket PC, similar to the Palm offering they have (FAQ Article 84 on my main website).

If this is true, then this is good news. Microsoft haven't released a Money for the Pocket PC version for 2007 users, nor have they for Windows Mobile 5 users, although there are some others (SPB Finance springs to mind). This may mean that these users have a choice available.

Of course, Ultrasoft Money for the Palm is not free software, and there is no indication that this will be either, but saying that, if it looks good it will mean I upgrade to Money 2007 and start using this software too.

More information as I find it.

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Glyn said...

This appears to be happening - see this posting for more information