Monday, March 31, 2008

Problems with repeated requests to update Money Plus

Over the last week, since the Money Plus SP1 update was released through smartconnect, there have been a small group of people whose computers will not properly update themselves with this patch.

Microsoft have been looking into this issue, and some ideas have been floated through newsgroups on how to solve this.

I've put together a couple of articles about this, which might help you get around the problem should it be happening to you. Unfortunately they're not all that straightforward...

  1. FAQ Article 547 - this is a collection of a number of suggested solutions
  2. FAQ Article 549 - a specific fix for CD installations only

If you're experiencing the problem, hopefully something in one of those articles will help you.


Anonymous said...


I am running Money Plus Deluxe (CD Version) on Vista 64bit. After installing the software, it kept wanting to update, but would never finish.

The solution I found works fine and is way easier than the demo thing above. Please follow the steps outlined in the first article in order to "show hidden files" and "protected operating systeme files". (Just go to control panel and folder options.)

Once you have done this, locate your Money Plus folder under Program Files. If the update has attempted to run, it would have created a new folder called "MNYCoreFiles.NewXXXXXX" This will be in addition to the normal "MNYCoreFiles" folder that is there.

The update process should have merged the data, but it is failing for some Microsoft reason. Just right click the new folder and click copy. Then right click the old folder and click paste, or just drag and drop. Override all duplicate files with the new ones. This will manually update all of the files. Once you have completed, you can delete the "MNYCoreFiles.New" Folder and should be good to go.

You cannot just run money from the new folder, tried that first and didn't work.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I worked for two days trying to get out of "the Money Plus update cycle"! The solution in Article 549 worked perfectly the first time, and now I can get some sleep! I almost became a Quicken user again after four years of using Money.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem and it drove me nuts. I tried the other solutions and none worked. I finally realized that I needed to run the program as "administrator", and the update nag went away. I just changed it in the properties window for the program launch icon to always run it as the administrator.