Friday, March 28, 2008

PC Pro reports on the ditching of support for UK Money 2005

ON the PC Pro website, there is an article about the ditching of support for Money 2005.

Microsoft has dropped support for Money 2005 and described it as "obsolete" - even though the company claims it's still good enough for UK users.
In our online banking feature in this month's PC Pro we described "Money as a little unloved at Microsoft" after the company failed to issue a new UK version in three years, despite a US release just last year.

Some points to raise regarding this article:
  • It is still possible to buy Money 2005 from
  • The product lifecycle (referenced in this article), puts the end of life for Money 2005 at 8 January 2008. This might be where the article is coming from as Microsoft probably use this date in the UK also. I blogged this back in January (End of Support for Money 2005).
  • Online services relating to download (see Article 306) originally expired on 1 September 2007. However, the MSN Money website showed a new date of 31 December 2009. The page is still active.
  • If all else looks lost, you can get hold of US versions in the UK by digital download (see this article).

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