Saturday, September 01, 2007

Updated Preview of Ultrasoft Money now available

As posted by David Kendall in the Ultrasoft NewsGroup and Ultrasoft Support Forums. Note that this software should work fine with UK versions of Microsoft Money and also Windows Mobile 5 devices. (It won't be free software though)

An updated build of preview release of Ultrasoft Money for the Windows Mobile
platform is now available.

This build will expire on September 15th. If we haven't released by then, we'll post another build.

If you're interested in trying out the preview, please visit

Additional details are here:


Unknown said...

will there be a Canadian edition of MS Money Plus Deluxe and will it come out this year? thanks...

Glyn said...

Hi Charles

It's looking unlikely. However, the help in Money Plus (when searching for 'Canada' has an article entitled 'Change Money from U.S. to Canadian settings' - which possibly means it is the desired version for Canadian users.

It also says: "It is possible that Money will display some United States content (such as information on U.S. taxes) when the Canadian dollar is set as the base currency. If this happens, try changing the Country/Region setting to United States, and then back to Canada again." - which is interesting, as maybe something will change if you have Canadian Dollar set as the base currency.

You may only be limited to getting the product through download, but there's no harm in trying out the trial to see what happens (check whether it converts your file).

I would be interested in knowing the result too :-)

Kind regards


Unknown said...

thanks! I did download the US trial edition and it warned several times during the installation that future international editions will not be able to use the money data file, and that the money data file will not be backward compatible with my earlier MS Money 2004.

I'm hopefully concluding that there is a pending international edition that warrants this warning, and tha t I just need to wait. In the meantime as you noted elsewhere I can't get MS stock-quotes. Alas!

Glyn said...

Hi Charles

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Now that you have the trial installed, if it's something you wish to go forward with, hopefully you can get the non-trail version in Canada

kind regards