Monday, September 10, 2007

Microsoft Money 2005 Online Services Expiry on 1 September 2007

On September 1st, most people using Microsoft Money 2005 Online services will have found that these expired. This is per the Online Services Policy that you would have accepted when you first used the product.

Microsoft® Money 2005 includes up to two (2) years of Internet-based Services. You will be able to use the Internet-based Services in Microsoft Money 2005 for a period of two (2) years from installation of the product or until September 1, 2007, whichever is earlier. After expiration, if you elect not to upgrade or are unable to upgrade to a version of Microsoft Money that continues to support Microsoft Money 2005 Internet-based Services, you will not be able to automatically update your accounts and investment values in Microsoft Money 2005. You will still be able to view and edit your financial data in Microsoft Money 2005 and to manually update your accounts and investment values. Microsoft may from time to time without notice, automatically download and install onto your computer updates for Microsoft Money, including updates necessary for you to continue to use the Internet-based Services.

Some of the features of Online services can be found at FAQ Article498

To work around this issue, you must upgrade to a later version (Microsoft Money Plus is the latest version).

Note: Microsoft Money UK products did not expire on this date. They will now expire in December 2009.


Unknown said...

I have Money Premium 2007, and for some reason my online services have expired today. What are my options? I should have at least one more year to go.

Glyn said...


I've seen some information and it seems that there was a particular scenario, which you must have fallen into, which would cause the expiration message to occur.

It's a slightly complex scenario, but the word I hear from Microsoft is that if you close and reopen the file, the expiration notice will go away.

Of course, post back if this is not the case, but it should be fixed.