Thursday, September 27, 2007

Money 2007 (also 2006) Online Service Expiration

If you see a message that indicates that your Money 2007 or 2006 online service is expiration, then you should ignore it.

It appears that you may have experienced a problem which shouldn't have manifested itself with Money 2006 or Money 2007, and occurs due to a convoluted scenario based on the file you have, whether it has been upgraded and the last time it was used online

I am reliably informed that this problem is fixed, and a simple close/reopen should be sufficient.

Of course, if you know different, please let me know.



Anonymous said...

I received the message you described. Since I first received the message, I have automatically download any information and just get an "update not complete" message. Any suggestions on how to get back on-line?

Glyn said...

I assume you've tried closing/reopening Money a few times to see whether it gets the update to sort this out.

Also, a reboot may be in order.

However, if these don't fix it, AND you've got Vista, try running the program as administrator (see may also be relevant if you don't have SP2 for Money 2007.

I'm also assuming you have 2006 or 2007. If you have 2005 or earlier, this could be the real expiration.

Anonymous said...

i have recieved the "update not complete" after being prompted to upgrade. I have Money 2005. I also tried to upgrade and it gives me a an error message telling me i do not have a browser and to download explorer. I do have explorer and dont understand why i can't upgrade or update my accounts. this is very frustrating.

Anyone have any help?

Glyn said...


I've not personally seen the issue which you mention, but I wonder whether the update is running with the correct privilege.

If you're using Vista, try running Money (and starting the update) by right clicking it in the Start Menu and selecting 'run as administrator'.

It may also be worth setting your browser settings back to their defaults (in the control panel under 'internet options' - I forget exactly where on vista).

When Money 2005 is fully updated, it'll be version (where xxx is a number depending on the version). If the last number is less than this, then it definitely requires an update.

2005 though recently reached its end of support life, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is a factor.

Anonymous said...

Only use money for checking and savings, was running 2007 as it came with the PC prior to that ran 2004. Pc crashed with 2007 on it but had backup and the 2004 version so loaded it and when I try to open the 2007 file it asked for password and nothing works including no password. any suggestions as to how to open file?? both the 2007 version and the 2004 are running on vista

Glyn Simpson said...

I assume you tried to load the backup onto the same version of Money as it was created, so although the file may have been originally in 2004, I think that's a red herring now.

If you had a disk error you may need to reinstall 2007. However, if you've restored the computer (and Money came bundled), then you might want to try and open the sample file (or create a new file) and ensure Money is updated with the service pack.

I'd always suggest opening the .MNY file first - if it doesn't work, then resort to .MBF backup files.

Dimitris said...


I have a question regarding MS Money 2007.

Is any way to disable the online operations of MS Money 2007. I mean that when i work MS Money with no internet connection it works faster.

Any idea??

Kind Regards

Glyn Simpson said...

If you're using a Windows Live Id to sign into your file, then you should remove this and use a standard password. That will take away many of the online functions.

There used to be a way to go offline in Money (on the tools bar), don't know if that was still available in Money 2007.

If you've got any quotes, then you can remove the symbols to stop them updating.

You could also go into the currencies section and stop it updating currencies.

Money uses your browser settings to go online with, so you can't disable it outside of Money in any way. Disabling it inside seems to be tricky in recent versions.