Thursday, March 30, 2006

MoneyLink Deluxe Edition?

David Kendall, from Ultrasoft who provide the MoneyLink software (allowing you to view your Microsoft Money data in Microsoft Excel), has posted to the Ultrasoft support forums to get feedback on a possible 'Deluxe' edition of the software.

In addition, there is a poll to ask whether people would be interested.

Here's what he says:

From time to time, people ask about MoneyLink Deluxe.

We had planned a -Deluxe and Business Edition-, with features driven by
user demand. But interest from the user community never materialized, so
it remains on the on the drawing board.

If you have any ideas for features we could add to a commercial (i.e.
not free) edition of MoneyLink, please post them here!

Where 'here' is the Ultrasoft support forum at: MoneyLink Deluxe Edition - Support Forum

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