Saturday, March 04, 2006

Books on Microsoft Money

I just went to Amazon and looked to see how many books there were on it. I was surprised to see >40 when I typed in 'Microsoft Money' in the search.

So, it seemed like quite a good idea to get some of those books, and list them on the MS Money FAQ site. Up until now, I had a link on the left hand side doing a search and taking you to Amazon. Now, those links go to some local pages.

There are pages for the usual products that I list product information on, i.e., US, UK and Canada.

I've tried to list only those which had a picture available when I was searching through the relevant Amazon site otherwise the pages would have been even longer.

Note that Canada has more books, as they have all of the French ones too.

What was interesting to see, is that there are very few Money 2005 and Money 2006 books - I guess the 'for dummies' series may have cornered the market here (I wouldn't imagine that the market is big enough to sustain many books though).

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