Thursday, June 10, 2010

Money Plus Local Help Files

The last several versions of Microsoft Money have utilized an online service to deliver help content, which required users have Internet access in order to access online help content.

The online help system used by Money has been marked for deprecation on or around July 1, 2010. Once fully deprecated, Money's online help feature will not be able to successfully connect to the server side service.

To mitigate this loss of service, the Money help content has been converted to a standalone help file that can be copied and run on the users local machine.

There are downloads on the Microsoft download center for Money Plus Deluxe, Premium, Business and Essentials, as well as for the Japanese Deluxe version.


Stefan said...

I have UK version 2005, which help should I download?

Glyn Simpson said...

Hi Stefan

the content is the MOney Plus content, but should be mostly relevant.

For the UK 2005 version, I'd go for the Deluxe or Premium files.


Matt said...

I installed the free version of Money Plus & now when I try & run a report Transaction by category it shuts down Money

Glyn Simpson said...

Hi Matt

try running a repair (File->Repair Money File)