Saturday, May 22, 2010

Microsoft Money Forum

A few weeks ago, I posted that Microsoft were going to close their newsgroups and move to a a web based forum for community support.

It is now possible to access this community forum, which can be accessed by going to

Some of the MVPs and regular posters from the newsgroup will be there to assist.

Given that Microsoft are no longer producing Money, it is unlikely that any of the Microsoft Money team will be posting there.


Obiwan said...

I am currently using MS Money 2004 and am wondering where(if anywhere) I can or should go from here. I'd appreciate any advice.

Glyn Simpson said...

It depends on the country you're in. If you're using a UK or International English version, see this article.

Obiwan said...

Hi Glyn
I followed the link and installed and the version is still showing MS Money 2004

Should I assume this is correct?
Many thanks for your advice.
Kind regards

Glyn Simpson said...

Having just reread your post, the ending number is 1105, which means it's an up to date version (of Money 2005).

That should be sufficient to continue using and no action is necessary

Obiwan said...