Friday, May 07, 2010

Money "sunset" sku

Microsoft Money products since Money 2007 have utilized a digital rights management system which required users to activate their product at or shortly after setup. Now that the Microsoft Money product line is nearing the end of its supported lifecycle, the activation services will also be ending. To enable users the ability to continue to use Microsoft Money manually, (without online quotes or online banking services), Microsoft is releasing "Money Plus Deluxe Sunset", and a "Money Plus Home and Business Sunset". The Sunset skus do not require activation, and come preconfigured with no online services, thus allowing users access to their Microsoft Money data files.

You can download the product from here.


Stefan said...

Is this suitable for United Kingdom users of Money who previously had a UK specific version?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm using Money 2007 and its online updating appears to be still working at this moment, so should I install the Money Plus Deluxe Sunset version right now? Will it replace the Money 2007 program permanently? Not sure what my action should be.... Can you please maybe give a little more explanation on this new version?

BTW, thank you so much for this blog over the years. I have been following since 2006 and really appreciate the info and updates. I'm sure many others feel the same.


Glyn Simpson said...


no it's a direct replacement for the US version. The UK version never had the activation requirements and is unaffected by Microsoft dropping Money.

Saying that, if you never had Money installed before, it is possible to use this one in the UK.


Glyn Simpson said...


yes, you could use it, but as it's so new (out only yesterday), I'd just make sure you have backups available of your old Money 2007 file.

I've not heard any reports of anyone using it yet (not yet tried it myself). My only thought is that I don't know whether it has the conversion code in it which would enable someone with an older version to convert to it. My hunch that it would have.

If there is any way you can run it on a second machine first and try and convert your file I'd go there first, rather than uninstalling 2007 which you then might not be able to install later.

Of course, if a direct conversion is possible, then the advice would change.


Glyn Simpson said...

Hi vicky

I should also read emails in my inbox before replying too.

I've just read one from someone in the Money team who said that it should convert older versions.

However, this new version is NOT supported by Microsoft, so self-help only, or by using forums or websites such as the 2 I have.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Glyn!

Mike said...

Does anyone know if there are any disadvantages (or even benefits) for a Money 2007 Deluxe user to upgrade to Money Plus Sunset?

My Money 2007 Deluxe is completely updated. The installation disc I have already contains the most recent version of Money 2007 (with all the updates), so I do not have to worry about online updates becoming not available. My copy does NOT require online activation. Also, I have an ISO
of the installation CD saved to my computer, so I don't have to ever worry about not being able to install it in the future. In other words, I can install and uninstall Money 2007 Deluxe as many times as I want.

So my question is--should I upgrade to Money Plus Sunset, or should I just continue using Money 2007 Deluxe? Would there be any benefits or drawbacks to updating for someone in my shoes?


Glyn Simpson said...

I don't see any particular drawbacks at all, although if you're happy with what you have, then stick with it.

If you were to try it out, I think you're getting a copy of Money Plus for free. It still converts older US files. Money 2007 won't be able to download, but then nor will Money Plus.

If you're able to, download it, try it on another machine and make a judgement on that.

I was on Money Plus, so there is a need for me to move over to it, but with you, you have the choice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn,

Have you come across this?

Apparently by downloading some scripts we can duplicate the online functions that Microsoft will stop providing soon. Sounds a little complicated to me as I'm not so good with computers, but would definitely want to try! Do you want to have a look into this too?