Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Microsoft announce no Money 2009

Microsoft PR gave the following response to a user enquiring about their copy of Money 2006 expiring:

While Microsoft Money Plus continues to be a valuable tool for consumers, the feedback we are hearing is that the incremental updates to the software don't merit a new product every year.

Given this, Microsoft has decided against releasing a 2009 version of Money Plus. Instead, Microsoft is focusing distribution efforts for Microsoft Money Plus software online via download and discontinuing traditional box sales of the software at retail.

All of the Money Plus products will be available for download on MSN Money, providing the same suite of tools and information, but no packaging means more convenience for the consumer and a greener choice for our environment.

This means if you have Money 2006 and it is expiring, then you'll need to purchase an online downloadable version of Money Plus to continue. You can get it through links such as:

  • Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe
  • Microsoft Money Plus Premium
  • Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business
These links are no longer valid


Anonymous said...

My Microsoft Money 2006 expired. I downloaded Money Plus but there appreas to be a bug in the conversion of 2006 files to the plus files. When I turn on the new version I'm finding a 15-20 minute wait time for the software to turn on, update, and become functional.

Has anyone had the same problem? Any solution?

Glyn Simpson said...

You may be running into this problem. It was supposedly fixed with the Money Plus service pack (SP1), so it's worth making sure you've got that.

Anonymous said...

I purchased and downloaded money essentials. Am I correct saying that money essentials is a "lesser" version than say, Microsoft money 2005? I hate essentials. It is not the same as my old money 2005. It has no way to reconcile the account, but only allows online updates with the bank. It's very difficult and cumbersome entering transactions, there is no way to add comments to transactions or any way I've found to enter the catagory at the same time as entering the transaction!!

So is money essentials the bare bones version of money?


Glyn Simpson said...

Hi Donald

yes it is. It is aimed at basic users, not power ones who need much more control. I'd suggest you return it and get the Deluxe or Premium version which are much more featured.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Unfortuately though, I contacted microsoft and they will not give me credit for the purchased "money essentials". I had to re-purchase "premium" at the full price!