Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Full Microsoft Statement on Money 2009

A full statement from Microsoft has been released about the Annual Release Change and 100% Online distribution (out of the packaging business and physical retail store shelves)

You can find the full text on FAQ Article 562

This statement is relevant to the US product. Future releases (Money 2010?) are TBD.

Even now, we still haven't had any formal announcement about Money 2005 replacements for UK, France, International. However, I would guess that they won't be planning these either.


Anonymous said...

I am one of those “stranded” international customer who is stuck with Money 2005 purchased in 2004!!

I can understand Microsoft discontinuing a specific version of the product as they may not have enough customers - may be they all went to Quicken.  But the sneaky nature of doing so is pathetic. No official announcements regarding this for 4 years.

For regular faithful users like me Microsoft should offer an upgrade path to the US version (at least). May be a tool that converts the international version of the data file interactively to the US version would be a good start.

Glyn Simpson said...

Well, the UK users wouldn't have gone to Quicken, as it was discontinued there a few years ago.... however, Intuit at least announced it!

I echo your comments - i've heard them from other places too, and I know the Money team have heard them. They've made no comments on such an idea, which is a shame.

Hopefully I'll get out to Redmond next March and I'm sure it would be a topic to be raised again, however now they have no presence in some international markets, I'm not sure whether they'll appreciate the need.

I can't offer any reassuring words here, i know little, but it will be raised (again) next time I have the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I Have Money 2002. Now want to chnge my computer to Vista. It now appears it is discounted for UK users. Can you suggest any other finance programs that will allow me to run my qif file?

Glyn Simpson said...

You should still be able to run Money 2002 on Vista - see this article for some help.