Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trial versions of Microsoft Money Plus (2008)

The trial versions of Microsoft Money Plus (2008) are now available.

This year, there are three trials:
  • Home and Business
  • Deluxe
  • Essentials
All of them are valid for 60 days.

As usual with trial versions, any data created in them cannot be used in previous versions of Microsoft Money. Usage starts from the first time you open up the product and ends 60 days later.

If you later decide to purchase Money (and it would be appreciated if you did so through an Amazon link on this blog or the main website of mine), you will be able to open up any trial file you created.

The downloads are listed on my downloads page

Update - 9th August 2007

The links changed, and so the trials page is wrong (as is the Microsoft Money US site too). The new links will go live on the FAQ site shortly, but they are:Thanks to an anonymous poster informing me


Anonymous said...

The trial downloads are dead links.

Glyn said...

Thanks. I've updated this article with the new links, and will follow suit later in the day on the trials page, when I can.

Anonymous said...

Can't enter product key to activate. The character is to big & it take only 4 instead of 5 in each box. Please help!!

Glyn said...


see FAQ Article 533 which I just put online. It's to do with the large fonts setting on your PC.


Anonymous said...


Well I am starting to think Microsoft should be forced to post warning labels similar to the a pack of cigarettes.

I finally cured my XP tumors with Vista 64 bit, only to find out my Microsoft tumors had spread or matasisized. After installing the recommended Live-one care I learned it wasn't compatible with vista 64. No disclaimer on box, and Microsoft did refund me and than later corrected the program to work on vista 64. I will ad that live-one care seems like a placebo rather than a firewall.

Now I purchased online a new copy of money plus home and business, after installing the trial. The trial version would crash if my password was set to remember. Unchecked this seemed to correct the problem.

Unfortunately I noticed a rather large lump when I tried to activate my trial version on money plus home & business. I would get the message could not connect to Internet. Oh' what ever you do, do not use install disk for product because when you try to run program system crashes. Now I have desperately tried to cure this disease but cannot endure another Microsoft work around. Microsoft has figured out how to save money in the production of their software and that is to develop a program partially with bells and great pictures, than sell it to the public in hopes that someone can make the program work.

So I beg for a remedy, possibly acupuncture or laser treatment. Please help my Vista 64 system from suffering anymore pain!

Glyn Simpson said...

Thanks for the comment - I could not help but reply :-)

The good news is that Money Plus should work on Vista 64 Bit.

The bad news is that the problem with the password is not one I've got a clue about. You might want to check whether you've got the updated version (Money Plus SP1) which could have a fix in it.

It may be painful, but it's one of these really annoying problems which could be worth a call into Microsoft about it. I'm sure that's something you don't wish to do... :-o