Thursday, August 09, 2007

Money Plus (2008) Insights

Now that the trial versions of Microsoft Money Plus have been released, more information on the product can be discovered.

One of the newest items is what could be considered the re-introduction of Money Express, but under the guise of 'Insights'.

Insights provide you with the ability to see information about bills, spending and cash flow from outside of the program. There are three insights in the program, and a brief summary can be see in the articles below

Insights do not require you to have Money running, as the program uses your Money file directly. It lives in the taskbar on the Windows screen, highlighting you to alerts as required.

Options within these insights are limited. They are designed to provide pertinent data to allow you to go into the Money file if something needs to be done.

When some of the MVPs were in Redmond earlier in the year, we did see some of the prototype work here, and it is good to see that some of the things we saw made it into the program.

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