Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Starting with Vista

I installed the RTM version of Windows Vista a couple of days back (obtained through filing a number of bugs on the beta, just in case you're asking).

I did an upgrade installation, and have Money 2006 installed on my machine. After the installation, everything continued to work. However, Money 2006 is slightly odd around the edges, as can be seen below:

Instead of getting the glass edge to the window, I get a gray line. No problems for me though.

The next thing I ran into was how do I synchronize my Pocket PC with the system. The only reasons I ran into this were that my device wasn't detected, and when I did manage to get it detected, it wasn't that clear what to do. For the latter, I put a new article on the Money FAQ site at FAQ Article 447.

The former required me to download some beta drivers from the MS Downloads Site. These pre-release drivers should hopefully be replaced soon with some released ones, especially if people are going to start using Vista shortly.

And what do I think of Vista - well, the interface is very nice :-)


Karen said...

I just bought a Toshiba laptop with Vista Home Basic , does it come with Micrsoft Money? It has Windows 8.5? If not what version do you recommend I buy to install?. I am used to working with MM on my desktop. The laptop has 512 mB and 80G hard drive.It has Celeron M 430 Processor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen

Microsoft Money will only come with a laptop and Vista as part of an OEM bundle, so it would really depend on the package you bought when buying the Toshiba. It would be worth checking whether it came with additional software.

If it does come with Microsoft Money, then it would most likely be the most recent version in the region you live (2007 for US and Japan, 2006 for Canada, and 2005 for UK, France and other English speaking nations).

The specific version would depend on the bundle.

If you're used to using Microsoft Money on your desktop, then you could transfer it across to the laptop, assuming you have the disks for installation - then you can stick with the same version.

You should be able to use the same Money file too (see FAQ Article 318 on my main site).

The specification of the laptop appears to be fast enough for any version of Microsoft Money, although sometimes Money does run slow for people, but I think that's more to do with how it works, rather than the machine it runs on.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

I've been using MS-Money since 1996. I recently bought an HP laptop with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor and a gig of ram. It has Vista Home. I copied my mny file from my old system and converted it to Money 2008 Plus.

Unfortunately, when I open the file, it takes 12 AND A HALF MINUTES before it is loaded and ready to use.

Do you have any suggestions? I've tried it several times, and even if I've had the file open, close it and then re-open it, it still takes an unbelievable amount of time to load. Is MS-Money allergic to Vista?

Glyn said...


That is *really really* bad!! 12.5 minutes!!!

It is, however, not an unknown issue - some things can cause this - such as the inclusion of the spending tracker on the home page.

Other areas which cause slow downs (although these are more likely to be seen when running the program) is with the bills/deposits area (use 'Nuke the bills' to fix).

I'd also check a new file - if that takes an unreasonable amount of time to load, then it would point to an installation problem.

FInally, it shouldn't be allergic :-) I have MOney Plus on Vista running fine, and have seen numerous other reports of it working.

Kind regards


Scott said...

I had Money Deluxe 2007 running on Vista Ultimate for over 9 months with no problems.

When I upgraded to Money Deluxe 2008 2 weeks ago, it took for ever to load/start-up before I could use the program. Load times would take 2-3 minutes everytime.

Thanks to this blog I no longer have to wait. I removed the spending tracker from my Money home page and the problem is gone.

I see this as a problem with the new version (Money Deluxe 2008) since I never had the problem with the previous versions. I searched the web, including Microsoft's site and no one else is even talking about this from what I could find.

I want this fixed because I find the spending tracker very useful.

Glyn said...

Hi Scott, thanks for the comments. The spending tracker is definitely useful, and it's a shame that this causes the problem you experienced.

It's not that easy to report in feedback/fix sugestions to Microsoft. However, I do know they know of this one. Whether they fix it for Money Plus (2008) is anyones guess. I would expect not based on previous history (point releases only seem to come about if there is a major problem which affects the stability of the product for many people).

There is a website for issues, although whether this will get through a fix request, i'm not sure. See Article 321.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

I curently run MM 98 on my slow laptop using Windows XP. Can I install MM 98 on my desktop which runs on Vista?

Glyn Simpson said...


you should be able to run it, even though it wasn't designed for Vista (or XP).

I would make sure that Vista is up to date with patches and fixes first, and then install Money 98.

You'll need to install it as normal (if you don't get the 'User Account Control' option, then install it by right clicking the installation program and selecting 'run as administrator').

You may need to run the software in compatibility mode (see this article for some information on that).

The oldest version of Money I've tried on Vista is 2000, but I don't see why 98 shouldn't work.


Frustrated said...

I have repeatedly tried to install Money dlx sunset on vista 32. Repeatedly get error that vista cannot find files, try reinstalling. have tried clean install where I wiped registry of traces, reset windows installer. In short 3 days wasted. Is there a way to install it on Vista and yes I tried as admin.

Glyn Simpson said...

Hi, some more information (for example exact error messages etc) would help here. Yes it should work on Vista without issue.