Monday, November 06, 2006

Money 2007 Service Pack 1

Microsoft have released Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Money 2007. You can find more details about this service pack at

Included in this service pack are fixes to OFX version 2.03, some investment download information, errors with Mnyob99.dll and some crashes with Internet Explorer 7.

Microsoft Money should automatically download the update, which will have a version number of 1024 (if you look at the details through Help->About in the program).


Anonymous said...

I know that MSN Money Support were looking into this problem, and did believe it was fixed.

It may require some monitoring of the MSN Money Network support page (My FAQ article 254) to see what they say. I'm not sure what's there at the moment though.

盒子 said...

me too,please notice me ,if there have a solution.


Anonymous said...

There is a service pack 2 now, which should sort out the problem installing. However, you must reboot if you do manage to get it down.

Unfortunately they don't make the updates available as stand alone files to install.