Friday, August 04, 2006

Website Problems and Performance

Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that some of the performance of the website has been going downhill. In addition, a number of errors have been cropping up when people view the FAQ List or individual category pages. The former appears to be down to a database issue where the page impressions are stored. I think I have managed to solve that this morning by building new indexes on the impression table (the impression table is getting rather large, as I see a lot more hits than I did a year ago). The latter seemed to be a problem with the Atlas implementation. I'm currently redesigning the FAQ list page and the category page (they are interlinked) because the FAQ list page is getting rather big. I was intending on using the Atlas Control Toolkit for this, and more specifically the Collapsible Panel. For the time being, I've removed the updates I was gradually feeding into the FAQ page, so that it is more stable again. Problems were being seen where the language being sent from the user browser wasn't liked by the Atlas extension (e.g. sending "en_us" instead of "en_US"). Hopefully things will settle down and work a bit better now.

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