Saturday, August 26, 2006

A few new articles, a few updates

Over the last couple of weeks, external pressures have caused me to cut back on the Microsoft Money FAQ website and support in the newsgroups. I don't expect this to change for a while.

However, I did manage to squeeze in a few new articles. One article turned into two and another one was on my to-do list, ever since I was asked about viewing data in high contrast by a partially blind person.

So, there is now a very short article showing what the 'patterns for chart views' option does (FAQ Article 432). Along with this are two articles on the sanitize.exe program (FAQ Article 430 - what the tool does, and FAQ Article 431 - how to do it).

I've made some updates to a couple of other articles - this I do on a pretty regular basis, if only to rephrase parts of an article, add newer information (which I do quite a bit for the Premium Bonds (UK) article) or change something based on user feedback.

As always, updates are listed on the recently updated page, along with an RSS feed at

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