Thursday, July 13, 2006

No broadband. No service from ISP

Well, I had some updates to put to the Money FAQ site, but my broadband supplier (Plusnet) have decided to unilaterally migrate my line to another telco. They're unbundling the line from British Telecom (BT), although i must say I haven't had any issues with BT. Something called LLU (local loop unbundling). It's a nightmare.

The effect of this is that I've had no broadband since Saturday afternoon (8th July), when I was in the middle of updating the usage figures in the database behind the site.

Customer service from PlusNet has been appauling. No idea when it will be fixed. If it's not sorted out soon, my Media Center machine will not have any route to get the TV guide listing updates, and I'll loose the easy recording capability that that provides me. I'll have to look at a TV listings paper to find out what's on too!

I've just got an Xbox360, and have a free month of Xbox Live (Gold). That's being lost.

Perhaps I rely on technology too much.

Normal service should resume sometime..... i hope....

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