Friday, July 21, 2006

Microsoft Money 2007 is now available

Microsoft Money 2007 is now available in the US. I've updated the system requirements page (FAQ Article 407) and will be updating the rest of the site over the weekend.

One thing to note is that there is NO Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC (see FAQ Article 415).

The trial versions can be obtained through the Trial Download page.


Unknown said...

But not for UK users again I see.

Is it that the market is too small for the localisation effort required or are Microsoft simply reducing the range of financial software they produce?

Unknown said...

On the topic of Handheld Money support, while MS seems to have declined the option to update PPC Money, both SPB Finance and Inesoft Cash Organizer already support WM5 and I see no reason why they wouldn't also support Money 2007.

On the PalmOS front, Ultrasoft have already stated their intention to support Money 2007 (though have declined to provide a release date - as usual).

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure on the UK issue at the moment, but signs aren't that great at the moment. With no release last year, and without any information on this this year (not even the whiff of a beta), I would tend to think that we'll miss out again.

The spending and savings budget perhaps is the biggest addition this year - which is country independent - so would probably appear in all SKUs. However, if Microsoft don't think they can shift the volume to make localisation worthwhile for this one significant addition, then I can't see them doing it.