Saturday, October 29, 2016

Microsoft Money FAQ site is on the move

The Microsoft Money FAQ site at is on the move, and will be hosted at with immediate effect.

If you have any favorite links on that site, they will be redirected for the next three months, but I urge you to update them beforehand. After three months, the former site will no longer redirect or contain the content.

All links transfer exactly the same with the exception of the dot (.) in the main part of the web address, so a link to becomes etc.

Over time, links on this site will be updated to reflect the change, should this not be too onerous a task.


Unknown said...

thanks I've found your site really useful.
I've found some things out since the HSBC have updated there website in the UK.

since then my ofx downloads o money 2005 uk version have failed. I've got 2 fixes that have worked for me.
1- size of name field anything above 25 characters caused the file to fail
INT;L 0005151432

2 - specific to their Credit card download the balance field was not populated

allowed the file to import.

As your website has been so helpful to me I thought it might be worth sharing!



Chris said...

Chaps, if the Cash Flow stops working in Msmoney, I have found a way to fix it without losing any data or the need to re-input anything. I have logged the steps you need to take on Ameridan's wordpress blog and Google groups if you are interested.....