Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Microsoft confirms end of Money product on their website

Along with other notable and memorable products this year, Microsoft Money is being discontinued after 17 years in existence.

As reported on CNet earlier, Microsoft have confirmed it on their website.

All of the pages now have an additional tag saying: Important notice: Microsoft Money Plus will not be available for purchase after June 30, 2009. Click here for additional information. Purchases made by June 30, 2009, once activated, will provide Microsoft Money Plus with online services until Jan. 30, 2011. Be sure to activate your product as soon as possible after purchase to receive maximum benefit of online services.


Anonymous said...

Not good for me - I have been using various versions of money for over 10 years, and it beat the pants off of Quicken. Especially for the International money and accounts - I am originally from the UK, live in the USA, have a home in Canada, and also family and a home in China, and this was the only way I could keep tabs on all accounts around the globe both banking and investment. I have that does a reasonable job and works on my iphone for US accounts, but yodlee never got my information together and offered the reporting and easy connection to HR Block's Tax Cut for US taxes.

Matthew Frahm said...

I'm sorely disappointed by this. I guess there aren't enough detail-oriented people out there... or at least ones with enough tolerance for all of the advertising foisted upon us.

I've been using Money since starting college in 1993 and I find it indispensable for managing bills and their due dates.

I don't think I'll punish myself by switching to Quicken, which might get killed as well. Open source and/or cross-platform is probably the way to go.