Thursday, April 02, 2009

Quotes/Charts not updating

Quotes/Charts not updating

When: Varies

Effect: On heavy market days, you may experience problems with getting quotes or charts to update on the MSN Money site or within Microsoft Money

Duration: Intermittent

We are working on improving capacity. Unfortunately for now, if you experience this, please try again later.


Anonymous said...

This question bears no relation to what was posted, but are you able to tell me when the next microsoft money for the UK will be released? I am using Vista and cannot use money 2005 which as I understand it was the most recent money UK.
Can you shed any light onto this situation?!

kind regards

Glyn Simpson said...

Hi, there is no news on any future version of Money for the UK. I don't expect another one to be released either :(

You should, however, be able to run Money on Vista - take a look at which has some hints/tips on how to do it.