Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Problems with the Microsoft Money Plus trial version download

There currently is a small problem with the download of the trial versions of Microsoft Money Plus, if you are trying from the Microsoft Money page hosted by Microsoft.

Fortunately, the links referred to in my trials page are still working, even though they point to a Microsoft site!

Normal service should be resumed by Microsoft shortly :-)


Anonymous said...

Have Microsoft said sodoff to International users in the UK, NZ and Australia or will a localised version of Money 2008 be released shortly?

Even if there was a convertor for the file it would be better than nothing.

Glyn said...


They've not actually said 'sod off', but the lack of any news about products for UK, NZ, Australia, France and other locations is worrying.

There hasn't been a UK beta this year (again), can't see one happening either, so it is highly likely that 'sod off' is the phrase this year.

Whether it is the same next year is obviously unknown, but the longer we go without a new version, the less chance I see of one coming out again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone had problems recently March 09. I have used various versions for years but it is now sending an error report every time I want to log in. It seems to think I have it run ning already. Do Microsoft ever get back to the error reporting messages?

Glyn Simpson said...

Hi Anonymous

no, the reports are sent anonymously, so they cannot tie up a report against who sent it. They are used for statistical analysis - if they received a lot on a partticular message, then they would know they need to sort out a wider issue.

With you, it's difficult to identify the problem without more information, but possibly you need to repair your Money file.

Anonymous said...

I am over these problems with Microsoft! Some on the local banks here in the Chicago area, effective January 1, 2010, will no longer respond to customers using Microsoft Money!

Stuart said...

I have a copy of Money and cannot get the cashflow chart to populate. The pie Icon just freezes - any ideas anyone?? Stuart

Glyn Simpson said...

Worth trying to repair the file first, then try http://money.mvps.org/faq/article/278.aspx