Thursday, July 19, 2007

Money Online Banking Update

Money's banking services are being updated in mid-July to improve the online banking experience. The update will affect many (but not all) customers who use MSN Money My Accounts, Microsoft Money 2005, 2006, and 2007. During the update, online services such as account balance updates and transaction downloads may not respond. After the update, you may need to set up your accounts again to regain access to online services.

For more information see Update Instructions


Sean said...

I did the first part (stopping online services) but adding them back gets me as far as the "Select a bank or brokerage" screen which now has message that reads, "To set up your records, you must be online. Please close Money, and then sign in to your file. When you sign in, make sure the Work offline box is cleared."

I should be signed in since the Work offline box is not checked and I sign (as I always have) from the main screen. However, updates other than downloading stock prices does not work and under the File menu, Work offline is greyed out.

Have tried closing, reopening, restarting the computer, working offline, and many many permutations to no success. Help!

Glyn said...

Hi Sean

two things I can think of - the first is that you may have been doing this during the actual update of the servers themselves, and as they hadn't finished being upgraded, it was causing you a problem.

The second one could be an Internet Explorer issue (Money uses IE as its rendering engine). Try deleting cookies and trying again, and also follow the instructions in this article and see if that helps matters.-

Sean said...

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for the response. It looks like it was a server issue because today I was able to get a lot further without clearing my IE cache. I'm now getting "Account setup is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." but it's closer! Hopefully, this issue will go away in time, too.

Kind of a bummer that Microsoft pushes out a change, complete with instructions, but isn't ready from a server standpoint.


John Morgan said...

I followed the instructions and got all my accounts re-synchronized EXCEPT PayPal. There are no online services listed for PayPal under banking (I tried credit card, investment and bill pay as well)

Anyone else see this?

Unknown said...

As a user, I should not have to reenter my user information; I did that once already. I think this online banking update is terrible. I liked my user experience previous, when it worked without me having to baby sit it.

Anonymous said...

As a user, I should not have to reenter my user information; I did that once already. I think this online banking update is terrible. I liked my user experience previous, when it worked without me having to baby sit it.

Anonymous said...

I stopped online services and now I can't find my bank in the list (Bank of America Military Bank) to do the updates!

Glyn said...

If you're having issues, then I would recommend getting in touch with Microsoft Support directly - they are definitely in a better position to help than I am.

You can do this by referring to this article or use the information in the program itself.

This will definitely be the best solution if you have technical problems.

With regards missing banks, then again, if they were there before, and not now, you can check the list at Online Banks. The article does say that some bank names have changed though, so it might be a case of hunting them down.

One further thing to mention is that I hope you've still got the backups. If individual accounts don't work after the upgrade, it may be worth going to the backup (make sure you always keep a really safe backup which is never changed, so you can go back to this point), and trying again. Note that not all accounts should be disabled, perhaps the one in question is in that category.

The last point I'd like to mention is that I will not share the same online experience as you, as I am based in the UK, where this update doesn't really apply. I strongly suggest using the phone/online support if things get problematic - push the problem back to Microsoft.

Peter H said...

Sean, (per 8:34am July, 20th post)

I'm at the exact same point as you appear to be. Hopefully that is a good sign that Microsoft is still working to get everything back online. If not, at least our misery can enjoy each other's company, right? :)

I think it is quite irresponsible for Microsoft to push out an update with incomplete information about how the users will be effected, and what they are to expect; especially since we are talking about financials.

I just hope we aren't left to start from scratch! Here's to hoping for the best!

Anonymous said... are incomplete and incorrect.

The problem is in the way that multiple accounts are handled by the same bank within MS Money. Following the instructions above, you will take your single account offline, create a new online version of it then "merge" the two. The problem is that MS Money 2007 permits only an entire BANK to be online or offline, therefore all of your associated accounts at that bank either go all online or all offline - you cannot pick and choose. When you create your new online version the offline version is shown as online which creates a problem - MS Money will not merge 2 online accounts NOR will it merge 2 offline accounts. Your account become unmergeable!

The undocumented solution to solve this problem is this:

1. after recreating your online account again, you must EXPORT the data from your old account (loose QIF format) and reimport the data into your new account as you will not have the option to merge accounts from the same bank.

2. you can then delete completely your old account resulting in a newly created, single online account with that respective bank that contains all of your account history.

Hope this helps someone, as I was on the phone with Microsoft on this one for a while!

Anonymous said...

"Account setup is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." is the message that I'm getting after many tries. Is the service actually still down or do I need to do something on my computer to access the service. Is anyone else still getting this message? Is there a number that we can call to find out what to do that I won't have to pay $35 for??

Glyn said...

Hi Linda, if this started after the recent update, then I can't see how they possibly could justify asking you for $35 for a problem that has been caused, assuming Microsoft were the ones that caused it.

Saying that, check out and see whether that helps......

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Thank you, Glyn. That remedy worked perfectly and I'm back in business. All set up and merged. I appreciate your help.

Sean said...

That fixed it, Glyn. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

after resetting my accounts and doing an online update, I see that my account downloaded some new items but I cannot view any new transactions!

Glyn said...

POssibly you may have duplicate transactions, so it would be worth checking that. Also, the view you have of the account may not be showing all transactions - check whether you're viewing reconciled transactions, for instance. It could have downloaded an older item.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting the error message, "Account setup temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." This has been going on for the past few days. The Microsoft article: is "not available" when I try linking to it. Short of spending $35 to find out what the solution is, I'm stumped. Please help me!

Glyn said...

Hi - if an article is not available, then it could be recalled. However, that doesn't help you.

Basically, what the KB article says is that there is probably already an associated online account attached to the account in question. What is says to do is to create a new account in your Money file, set that up to download and then merge it with the existing account.

To merge, you should click on the 'merge duplicate accounts' option on the account list page. The existing account is the destination account, and the new account is the source account.

See also FAQ Article 495

Anonymous said...

Like win, I too have downloaded transactions which I cannot view. I checked and do not have duplicate entries and I also checked the view of the account to make sure it is showing all transactions. Any other suggestions?

Glyn said...

It may be possible to run a repair on the file and see whether that helps. Alternatively (make a backup before), you might be able to delete the downloaded statement (right click on the 'transactions to view' label in the account summary and select delete) and try again.