Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Money 2006 with Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista

My Xbox360 is broken - three red lights of death appear on the console, and it is already at the repair centre. Hopefully things will be fixed because it has been great fun over the last year.

So, in the meantime, I decided to go through my 'to do' list for the Money site, and I came across one that was entitled 'Registry Fix for MS Money 2006 and MS Money for PocketPC 2006 in Windows Vista with Windows Mobile Device Center' - wow... long title name, but says exactly what it's about. I'd had it in my to do list for quite a while, but managed to get around to putting it online

This article was written by, who had fixed an issue using said programs (MS Money 2006, MS Money for POcket PC 2006, Windows Vista and Windows Mobile Device Center).

It also addresses some issues what some people have had with errors in ActiveDsk.dll (see FAQ Article 486.

As always, articles related to MS Money and its associated programs are always welcome. There is a contact link at the base of each of my FAQ site pages.

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