Friday, May 25, 2007

Ultrasoft® Money for Windows Mobile® Pocket PC and SmartPhone

Ultrasoft Digital Media have announced Ultrasoft Money for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and SmartPhone devices. There is more information on their website at but the general gist is that it looks like it will support all versions of Microsoft Money from 2002 onwards and also Windows Mobile devices.

Beta available June 1, 2007
General release August 1, 2007

Microsoft Money 2002 and later.
Pocket PC and SmartPhone devices running Windows Mobile 2003 SE and later.


Anonymous said...

7 September 2007 and Ultrasoft for Windows Pocket PC is still in beta. I wish I could find a different product.

Glyn said...


there are a couple out there, I've listed them on this page.

Ultrasoft Money is still in beta, as you mention. However, you can check out the Ultrasoft forum for Ultrasoft Money for help, support and assistance.

The ultrasoft product is different to the old Microsoft one. IMHO, better as it supports multiple currencies (which is a requirement for me). However, there are some things which I don't like.