Sunday, January 21, 2007

Overhaul of site done

I've been doing some work, on and off, over the last few months on the website. I have today redeployed the changed code.

The main purpose of this update was to make the whole site quicker and more efficient. I've put in some effort on the caching of FAQ and category pages.

In addition I added a 'keywords' section - this is based on some tags that I have for many pages and serves as a glossary for the site. If you are looking for a particular word, then if I deem it important enough to be part of the keyword index, it will hopefully be featured in the new section. I have plenty of work to do in this area, as not all FAQ articles yet have keywords, and some don't have enough.

There are a few changes that I've incorporated in the background to make it easier for me to administer the code. These include the use of HttpModules for error handling and some changes to the way the system retrieves data from the database that it sits on.

Hopefully you'll see the speed improvements, and hopefully I'll see a lot less errors :-)


lholt said...

I need to change my user name and password, but I can't remember how. can anyone help?

Glyn Simpson said...

File->Password manager and then remove the password and user. Then you can do the same thing and put a new one on.