Saturday, June 17, 2006

Top of the flops - Microsoft Money in position 5?

Mary Jane Foley writes
If antitrust fears hadn't put the kibosh on Microsoft's plans to buy Intuit back in 1995, Microsoft might have been able to buy Quicken and turn its online banking product into a market leader. Instead, the Redmondians had to plod along with Microsoft Money, which seems to garner more wrath than praise from its users.
I'd agree with the appearance that Microsoft Money gets more wrath than praise, especially in the newsgroups - after all, they're for peer to peer support, so it would, wouldn't it.

Quicken and MS Money are still the two major personal finance products, and Money does have a good market share (and in the UK, MS Money is the only product that is currently sold).

So, I'm not sure there is enough evidence it should be in her list - I'm not sure why she calls it a flop - Microsoft keep producing the versions, and people keep buying them.

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