Friday, May 12, 2006

MSN Money - UK fund prices 100x too low

I'm back after a nice long vacation. Always good to recharge the batteries and take time out.

I come back to a problem with the UK fund feed. It appears that prices are being downloaded into Microsoft Money with their values divided by 100.

From the information I have seen, in the limited time since I returned, it appears that Morningstar, who provide the feed for MSN Money are now providing prices in pounds, rather than pence as they did previously. I have not checked this to verify it though.

If this is true, then one of the following scenarios would need to take place - firstly, Microsoft would have to change the MSN Money feed to cope with this pricing change. Or, Microsoft would need to change the Microsoft Money software so that downloads do the conversion (don't expect this to happen for older versions of Microsoft Money though!), or Morningstar would need to change the feed back to how it was before, before they changed it (at least for the MSN Money site).

It is unclear whether Microsoft knew of this change before it happened. They do know about it now, as can be seen on the network status page (MSN Money - Network Status) - this page is mainly geared up for US users, but does have this fault on it. You can find links to other status pages via FAQ Article 254 on the Microsoft Money FAQ site.

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Anonymous said...

I should have posted that this was sorted out a couple of days back.

It was quite surprising for Microsoft to fix such a problem with the fund feed quite quickly - normally we've had to wait a lot more time for such as issue in the past.