Monday, February 20, 2006

MSN Money Planner

I came across the 'MSN Money Planner' today. I downloaded it, and checked it out - and I must say I was pretty disappointed.

What I expected to see was a system that I could use to provide a calendar of events - that *I* could change. That didn't appear to be the case - the dates, categories were fixed. So, in the 'your holiday' section it says on July 10th to tell me to get the best deal on currency - my holiday will be long gone by then!! I know I can download to Outlook and then edit, but I would have preferred this in the tool - it could have been a useful little program to have all the dates of financial events in it.

In addition, I would have liked to be able to select one or more categories on the left hand side.

I'm not sure why this was provided as a downloadable application - given the links directly into MSN Money, seems like it should have just been a web page.

So, I uninstalled it pretty quickly - not much value to me.

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